What size is available?
We currently market 200mL glass containers - single doses and 19L barrels (exclusively to serve through the Bebelona equipment).
What alcoholic strength do the cocktails have?
The range of alcoholic strength by volume of current cocktails is 7.0% to 14.9%
Do they contain gluten?
Our cocktails do not contain gluten
The online sale?
The majority of our cocktails are available at the online store www.bebelona.com
Where is the production?
We currently design and package cocktails in our industrial premises in Barcelona. There we have all the necessary licenses for the production and packaging of alcoholic beverages. You cannot buy cocktails at the production site.
Do you sponsor events?
Yes, we can study the sponcorship needs
We are open to occasional and continuous collaborations, we are also attentive to producing and packaging signature cocktails.
What is the delivery map?
The sale of the Bebelona online store involves delivery throughout mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands. We do not deliver to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melia.
What is the shelf life of Bebelona cocktails?
At the moment the preferred consumption of our cocktails is 6 months from the production date. We continue to study the possible extension of it.
What preservatives do you use?
The only preservatives we use are natural acids like citric acid and CO2.

The cocktails that have wine of course are with sulphites.
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